Design and Fabrication of Externally heated Copper Bromide Laser

  • J.P. Dudeja Institute of Armament Technology, Girinagar, Pune.
  • A.K. Puri Institute of Armament Technology, Girinagar, Pune.
Keywords: Low repetition rate copper bromide laser, Buffer gas flow, Excitation energies


An externally-heated, longitudinally-discharged, low-repetition-rate copper bromide laser, was designed and fabricated. The green-coloured wavelength at 5106 A from this laser can be used for underwater ranging and detection of submerged objects. Several new changes in the design of discharge tube, heating technique, buffer-gas-flow sub-system and electrical circuit have been conceived and incorporated advantageously in our system. Various parameters, for example, the type of buffer gas and its flow rate, mixture of gases, temperature of the discharge tube, delay between dissociation and excitation pulses, dissociation and excitation energies, and various resonator configurations are being optimised to get the maximum output power/energy from the laser system.

Author Biographies

J.P. Dudeja, Institute of Armament Technology, Girinagar, Pune.
Dr JP Dudeja, a doctorate from lIT, Delhi, joined DEAL, Dehradun, in 1984. At present he is a Scientist at IAT, Pune. His fields of interest include coherence and statistical properties of optical fields, laser physics, design and fabric ation of metal halide lasers, eye-safe lasers,
CO2 lasers, military applications of lasers, opto-electronic prox imity fuzes , laser range finders,and laser-induced ionization of atmospheric gases . He is the Founder- in-charge of MTech Course in 'Lasers & Electro-optics ' at IAT, Pune. He is a recognised research guide of the
University of Poona. He is a Founder-member of Indian Laser Association , a Fellow 'of Institution of Electronics and Tel ecommunication Engineers , and 'a Fellow of Optical Society of India . He has twenty research papers to his credit.
A.K. Puri, Institute of Armament Technology, Girinagar, Pune.
Lt AK Purl, received his BE in Electronics & Communication from the Thapper Institute of Engineering &Technology, Patiala , in 1983. He joined the Indian Navyin the Electrical Branch.He did Mfech in lasers & eletro-optics from IAT, Pune, during 1990-91 in which he undertook
the project on copper bromide laser. After a brief stint of serving onboard an aircraft carrier, he specialised into the aviation branch of the Navy.
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Dudeja, J., & Puri, A. (2013). Design and Fabrication of Externally heated Copper Bromide Laser. Defence Science Journal, 43(2), 173-177.
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