Value Added Global Databases Search Through Wide Area Network .

  • Anjali Baokar Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
  • P.R. Sundareshwar Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
  • M.R. Joshi Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
Keywords: Local area network, Dialog databases, Computer networks .


Online database searches have become common and a number of American and European databases have become very popular due to their specification in specialization in specific fields, notably those related to science and engineering. Although the telecommunication charges are relatively low, the specific databases charges are substantial, depending upon the specific area of specification. This paper discusses the access and search of global databases, value-addition through organisation of the received data and sharing of the organised data with local area network. The original organised database when accessed and downloaded becomes an ASCII file. If the selected database is to be reconstructed at the receiving end, it is a laborious task of manual data entry which could be very slow and error-prone. A program developed for automated conversion of the ASCII file into a standard database format is described. A cost-effective system for sharing the above organised data within the city and across the country using the existing and coming networks is proposed.

Author Biographies

Anjali Baokar, Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
Ms Anjali Baokar received her MSc in Computer Scienc e from Devi Ah ilya University, Indore.She is presently working as a Scientist at R&DE (Engrs), Pune . Her current areas of interest are computer networking and communications.
P.R. Sundareshwar, Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
Mr PR Sundareshwar received his MSc in Computer Science from-Mysore University in 1988.He is a Scientist at R&DE (Engrs), Pune and is currently working in the areas of computer networks and communications.
M.R. Joshi, Research & Development Estt (Engrs.), Pune.
Mr MR Joshi is a Structural Engineer and is working as the Director at R&DE (Engrs) and was trained at Military Engineering Experimental Establishment, Christchurch, UK. He had major contribution in the successful development of mobile light weight military systems such as military bridges, towers and masts . He has been an advocate of computer applications in both office automation and engineering design.
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Baokar, A., Sundareshwar, P., & Joshi, M. (2013). Value Added Global Databases Search Through Wide Area Network . Defence Science Journal, 43(2), 145-150.
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