Fibre Reinforcements for Composites .

  • M.K. Sridhar Materials Science Division, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore.
Keywords: Reinforcing fibres, Aramid fibres .


The paper describes some important aspects concerning the most widely used reinforcing fibers namely, glass, carbon and aramid fibers. An attempt has been made to highlight the factors governing the mechanical properties of these fibres with an emphasis on understanding the factors which determine the properties of the fibres. A brief account of the work carried out at National Aeronautical Laboratory on the development of aramid fibres (NALAR fibres) is presented.

Author Biography

M.K. Sridhar, Materials Science Division, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore.
Shri MK Sridhar obtanied MSc in Chemistry in 1973 and M Tech in Material Science in 1975. He joined NAL as Senior Research Fellow and was later appointed as a Scientist Currently. he is a group leader for composite materials development . He has been involved in the development of aramid fibres, high performance aerospace grade and prepregs. Shri Sridhar was the recipient of NRDC award in the year 1986 and MRSI Medal in the year 1990.
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Sridhar, M. (2013). Fibre Reinforcements for Composites . Defence Science Journal, 43(4), 365-368.
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