Air Object Height Estimation with 2-D Radars using Fuzzy Logic

  • SGK Murthy
  • M.V.R. Murthy
Keywords: Target Tracking with 2-D Radars, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Decision making


Multi sensor tracking is a widely used technique in aerospace applications to estimate the target kinematics precisely. Particularly naval-based tracking systems utilize, different types of Radars (2-D, 3-D) in multi sensor tracking scenario for robust estimation. As the supplied information from 2-D Radar contains only range and azimuth values, it is difficult to estimate the height of an air object using 2-D Radar. In order to over come the limitation, a geometric method is considered to combine the information obtained from two 2-D Radars located in two different locations. As the solution of the geometric method depends upon certain geometric features, it is not possible to get good results with one pair of sensors. However to obtain better results, it is proposed and experimented more than two 2-D Radars that combined with a fuzzy logic based validation. This paper discusses the issues related to 2-D Radar tracking and the method comprising Triangulation geometry and fuzzy logic based validation method to improve the height estimation accuracy in real time.

Defence Science Journal, 2011, 61(5), pp.485-490, DOI:

Author Biographies

SGK Murthy
Mr S.G.K. Murthy obtained MSc (Mathematics) from Osmania University in 1990 and currently pursuing his PhD from Osmania University. He is presently working as Scientist E at Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad. His research areas are multi-sensor data fusion, soft computing, information security and software theorem proving techniques.
M.V.R. Murthy
Dr M.V.R. Murthy is currently Professor in Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University College of Science, Osmania University. He has received his PhD in Computational Fluid Mechanics in 1986 from Osmania University. His research areas include artificial neural networks, network securities, digital image processing.
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Murthy, S., & Murthy, M. (2011). Air Object Height Estimation with 2-D Radars using Fuzzy Logic. Defence Science Journal, 61(5), 485-490.