Simulation of Fighter Aircraft Weapon Systems for Design and Performance Evaluation

  • P.S. Subramanyam Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore.
Keywords: High fidelity cockpit simulator, Air to ground missions, Fighter aircraft weapon


Simulation forms an essential tool in the system design and performance evaluation of fighter aircraft weapon systems. The various guidance strategies used for weapons like guns, missiles, bombs in the air-to-air or air-to-ground missions, for aiding the pilot for an effective delivery have been studied through extensive off-line and pilot-in-loop simulation. The pilot workload analysis carried out in the high fidelity cockpit simulator at the Aeronautical Development Agency , Bangalore, provides the system designer an effective means to tune the various subsy stems for better performance. The paper focuses on all these aspects to bring out the importance of simulation in the overall fighter aircraft weapon system design.

Author Biography

P.S. Subramanyam, Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore.
Shri PS Subramanyam obtained his BE (Mech) from Regional Ellgineering College, Warangal, in 1973 and ME (Aeronautics) from Indian Institute of Sciencp, Bangalore.' in 1975. HIe joined DRDO at the Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, wherlt he worked on flight control systems, missile guidance systems, hardware-in-loop simulatioJ and software development for real-time embedded systems. Currently, he is wol1king at th'e Aeronautical Development Agency'(ADA), Bangalore, in the area. of navigational and guidance system design, weapon systems modelling and simulation, and weap?n systems algorithm and high fidelity cockpit environment simulator development.
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Subramanyam, P. (2013). Simulation of Fighter Aircraft Weapon Systems for Design and Performance Evaluation. Defence Science Journal, 47(3), 317-326.
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