Reliability Analysis in Design and Development of Checkout Software for Aerospace System

  • J. Chattopadhyay Research Centre lmarat, Hyderabad .
Keywords: Failure analysis, Software reliability, Checkout system


Checkout system is the nerve centre for test, maintenance and launch of an aerospace vehicle. Real-time software embedded in it plays a vital role in taking decisions at critical point of time. The problem of not detecting a fault in the system under test or raising a false alarm due to the misinterpretation of a parameter will lead to crashing of time, bouncing on safety and crunching on cost. It is therefore essential to develop and deliver a fault-free software for this system. Software reliability is defined as the probability that it will work without fail for a specified period. Unlike hardware, it is difficult to count and predict the failures and thereby generate a figure of reliability. In case of checkout software, activities are more dependent on the environment and the parameters are also random with respect to time. This paper highlights the set of procedures evolved during the process of designing and delivering various reliable checkout software for aerospace system. This has given an insight into the failure ,analysis and has shown the  correctness of software under all foreseeable conditions. Basic execution time model is used to measure the desired software reliability.

Author Biography

J. Chattopadhyay, Research Centre lmarat, Hyderabad .
Mr J Chattopadhyay received AMIE in Electronics from Institution of Engineers and MTech in Automation and Control from JNTU, Hyderabad. He joined Drdo at Research Centre Imarat in 1986 and has been working in the design and development of checkout and launch systems for IGMDP. At present, he is working as system manager and chief designer of checkout systems for different missile projects. He has gained expertise in the design of real-time systems for embedded applications. Before joIning DRDL, he completed one-year Electronics Fellowship Course at IAT,
Pune. He is member of the Institution of Engineers.

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Chattopadhyay, J. (2013). Reliability Analysis in Design and Development of Checkout Software for Aerospace System. Defence Science Journal, 47(1), 19-26.