Surface Displacements under Harmonic Concentration

  • Elizabeth Mathai Bangalore University, Bangalore
Keywords: Thermodiffusive elastic half space


Expressions are obtained for the surface displacements over a thermodiffusive elastic half space in which the concentration is assumed to be a harmonic function. As expected, these expressions are found to be extensions of the classical results. Some special cases are also included and various simpler expressions for the displacements are obtained, with plausible applications to defence science.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Mathai, Bangalore University, Bangalore
Ms Elizabeth Mathai is working in the Department of Mathematics at Bangalore University as a National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) research awardee. She obtained her MSc from Bangalore University in 1995, securing second rank. She has attended several conferences and presented papers. She has published a number of papers in nationall international journals. Her area of research includes thermodiffusive elasticity.
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Mathai, E. (2013). Surface Displacements under Harmonic Concentration. Defence Science Journal, 48(4), 351-355.
Applied Physics & Fluid Dynamics