Optimisation Problem of Entry into Earth's Atmosphere

  • S. K. Gurtu Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Keywords: Marinescu's model, Nonlinear differential equation, Euler Lagrange equation


A study has been carried out on the variation of velocity, time, re-entry angle and distance along the horizontal with altitude for a re-entry vehicle diving into the earth's atmosphere, using the improved version of Marinescu's model that accounts for gravity and assuming that the distance along the earth's surface is fixed. More specifically, after formulating the problem as an isoperimetric one, its Euler-Lagrange equation, which turned out to be a highly nonlinear differential equation of the second order, has been solved via Runge-Kutta method and Simpson's rule for some physically realisable values of the parameters involved.

Author Biography

S. K. Gurtu, Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Dr SK Gurtu obtained his MSc in Mathematics from Agra University in 1963 and DPhil from Allahabad University in 1972. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad and a member of the Operations Research Society of India, Delhi. His areas of research include astrophysical, astronautical and re-entry problems. He has also worked on application of OR/SA techniques to naval problems and in developing mathematical models. Presently, he is working on problems concerning dynamical oceanography
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Gurtu, S. (2013). Optimisation Problem of Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere. Defence Science Journal, 48(4), 337-342. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.48.3957
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