Converging Spherical Detonation Waves.

  • Arisudan Rai North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Nirjuli.
Keywords: Graphical form, Analytical solutions, Spherical detonation waves


The problem of converging spherical detonation waves propagating through a gas with varyingdensity is discussed. By neglecting the effect of variation of Q on the similarity exponent, both analytical and numerical solutions for motion of the detonation front have been obtained and arepresented in graphical form.

Author Biography

Arisudan Rai, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Nirjuli.
Dr Arisudan Rai obtained his PhD in Gas dynamics from Banaras Hindu University in 1980.Presently, he is working as Asst. Prof (Maths) at NERIST, Nirjuli. His areas of research include fluiddynamics, magneto gasdynamics and summbility. He has published more than 40 papers.


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