Some Issues Relating to Design and Development of an All-Composite Aero Gas Turbine Engine Rotor

  • K. Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi
Keywords: Composite aero gas, Turbine engine rotor


The paper addresses some of the issues involved in the development of an all-composite aero gasturbine engine rotor with a view to reducing the total engine weight and increasing the thrust-weightratio beyond 20: I. It identifies the materials to be used for different components, i.e. shafts, discs andblades in the high and iow temperature regions. The various problems anticipated in its developmentare discussed and solutions recommended, wherever possible.

Author Biography

K. Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi
Dr K Gupta is Head of Industrial Tribology Machine Dynamics and Maintenance EngineeringCentre (ITMMEC) at IIT, Delhi. His areas of research include vibrations, blade and rotor dynan;tics,and mechanical design. His recent research has been on dynamics of fibre-reinforced compositeshafts with applications to nonmetallic rotors. He has also completed several projects sponsored byAeronautical R & D Board on various aspects of aero propulsion systems dynamics and hascontributed towards the development of an aero gas turbine engine. He haS been a member ofNational Working Group on Rotor Dynamics and an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He has published many technical papers and co-authored a text book.


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