Snowfall Statistics of Some SASE Field Stations in J&K

  • A. P. Dimri Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali
  • U. C. Mohanty Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Dehli
Keywords: Moisture flux inflow, Terrain


North-west Himalayan region comprises five mountain ranges. Their orientation and complexterrain influence the weather over the region. Sudden altitudinal changes also affect the weathersystems to a considerable extent . Due to the prevailing in homogeneous topography, various dynamicand thermal processes take place at mesoscale level. In synoptic scale, during winter seasons, weathersystems, named, western disturbance (WD), take their southerly track and travel over J&K, HP andhills of western UP, and yield considerable amount of precipitation. On the basis of past historicaldata collected over J&K region, the pattern of snowfall and its frequency distribution was studiedusing statistical means. Variation of these snowfall spells was also studied to understand spatial andtemporal changes in their distribution. A brief case study of a WD has been carried out to estimatemoisture flux inflow over Himalayas.

Author Biographies

A. P. Dimri, Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali
Mr AP -Dimri dbtained his MSc (Tech) in Geophysics (Meteorology) from the Banaras HinduUniversity, Varanasi, in 1992. In 1994, he compeleted his MPNl in environmental Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. In the same year, he joined DRDO at the Snow & Avalanche Study Estt, Manali. Presently, he is involved in weather forecasting at some of thestations in J&K and HP using statistical and dynamical methods.
U. C. Mohanty, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Dehli
Prof UC Mohanty obtained his PhD (Tropical Meteorology) from USSR in 1978. Presently, heis working as Professor and Head of the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at the Indian Instituteof Technology (IIT), New Delhi. He is having more then 26 years of research and teaching experience in atmospheric sciences. He has been honoured with several awards, including Shantiswaroop Bhatnagar Award, (1993). He has published more than 70 papers in internationallnationaljournals. He is a member of many professional societies related to atmospheric sciences. His fieldsareas of specialisation are: tropical meteorology, numerical weather prediction, monsoon dynamicsand climate modelling.


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Dimri, A., & Mohanty, U. (2013). Snowfall Statistics of Some SASE Field Stations in J&K. Defence Science Journal, 49(5), 437-445.
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