Bond Growth under Temperature Gradient.

  • P.K. Satyawali Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali.
Keywords: Snow matrix, Snow viscosity, TG metamorphism, Bond growth


Grain and bond growth for dry snow are determined by the distribution of temperature andtemperature gradient in the snow matrix. From the standpoint of particle approach and based oncubic packing structure, a bond growth model has been developed for TG metamorphism. The paper.highlights the importance of bond formation and its effect on snow viscosity and finally on the rateof settlement. This is very important for developing a numerical snow pack model if microstructureis considered to be a basic parameter. A few experiments have been carried out to validate bond formation under temperature gradient.

Author Biography

P.K. Satyawali, Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali.
Mr PK Satyawali, Scientist, obtained his MSc (Physics). He joined DRDO at the Snow & Avalanche Study Estt. (SASE), Manali, in 1991. At SASE, he is associated with the development of snowcover simulation model. His other areas of research include: Snow metamorphism, snow microstructure and water vapour flow into snow.


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