Measurements of Three Dimensional Temperature Field in Fluids using Laser Interferometry

  • Debasish Mishra Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • k. Muralidhar Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • P. Munshi Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Keywords: Laser interferometry, Interferometry, Tomographic algorithms, Non intrusive measurement


Non-intrusive measurement of fluid temperature using laser interferometry is reported. As a case study, results obtained in Rayleigh-Benard convection experiment are presented. Image processing operations required for the evaluation interferograms and extraction of quantitative data from the optical Images are discussed. Limited-view tomographic algorithms applicable to interferometry are discussed and compared in terms of reconstructed three-dimensional temperature fields. This study concludes that laser interferometry coupled with tomography promises a versatile tool for three-dimensional temperature and flow field measurements in fluids.

Author Biographies

Debasish Mishra, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Dr Debasish Mishra obtained his MSc from University of Roarkee and MTech (NuclearEngineering and Technology) from tndian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. He also didhis PhD from IIT in 1998. He was-Krishnan fellow of the Department of Atomic Energy during1995-98. He got the Best Paper Award in Engineering Scienees at the Indian National ScienceCongress held at Osmania University in 1998. His areas of research include: flow visualisation;optical methods and advanced tomographic techniques.
k. Muralidhar, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Dr K Muralidhar obtained his PhD from University of Delaware, USA, in 1985 and was apost-doctofal fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Califwnia, USA, during 1985-87.Presently, he is working as Professor at IIT, Kanpur, since 1995. His areas of research include:optical instrumentation, turbulence measurements and enhanced oil recovery.
P. Munshi, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


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