Dosimetry of Cobalt 60 Gamma Chamber

  • S.N. Upadhyay Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, Delhi
Keywords: Radiation medicine, Radiation therapy, Radiation dosimetry, Total body irradiation


Ferrous sulphate-benzoic acid-xylen(tl orange (FBX) dosimetric system is linear in the range fl|0m 0.01 Gy to 10 Gy and can be used in the case of a nuclear accident, for documenting clinical doses in total-body irradiations in radiation therapy as well as for measuring daily radiation dose during external beam therapy because of its tissue-equivallency. FBX system is stable up to 15 days in the range 15 - 60 degree centigrade. It is independent of photon energy up to 3 ke V and is fairly dose rate in dependent in the range from 0.01 to 2.5 Gy/min. Besides its use in radiation therapy, external beam therapy and nuclear accidents, the present study shows that this dosimeter can be effectively used for determining positional variation inside the gamma chamber. This has been detected by placing dosimetric solutions in small bottles kept in two racks of the phantom in a symmetrical fashion. Average variations in two tracks were found to be 2.74 per cent, 0.33 per cent, 4 per cent and 4.83 per cent.

Author Biography

S.N. Upadhyay, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, Delhi
Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, Delhi


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