Ecological Strategy to Prevent Vulture Menace to Aircraft in India

  • R.B. Singh S.D.S.M. College, Palghar
Keywords: Animal carcasses, Vulture strikes, Scavengers


Vultures are sincere scavengers. Though seen with disgust, they work silently as effective biological incinerators of nature by feeding and digesting the diseased and rotten animal carcasses. Vultures are shifting their natural habitat and proliferating unnaturally in the cities because of encroachment of forest, unplanned industrialisation, urbanisation, and uncivilised way of life prevailing in the society. Hence, the problem of vulture menace to aircraft has arisen. Vulture strikes to aircraft can be minimised by promptly lifting the dead animals/carcasses from different parts of the city to the permanent feeding ground, which should be out of buffer zone area and away from the flying path. and simultaneously discouraging the illegal skinning, specially in the vicinity of aerodrome. In this paper, an ecological solution of the vulture strike to aircraft is highlighted.

Author Biography

R.B. Singh, S.D.S.M. College, Palghar
Dr RB Singh obtained his PhD on biological and microbiological studies on whitebacked vulturefrom Meerut University in 1991. He has been working as lecturer at S.D.S.M. College, Palghar, since1989. He worked on the bird hazard project as Senior Research Fellow at IARI (1982-84) andBiologisVScientist at BNHM (1984-89). His areas of research interest include: isolation andidentification of pathogenic microbes with regard to public health and wild life, and appliedecological aspects in wild life. He has contributed 20 papers/reports in nationaYinternationa1journals and has also attended several conferences and seminars.


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