Preliminary Design of Tracking Loop for Marine - Used Machine Gun.

  • Sou Chen Lee Chung- Cheng institute of Technology, Taiwan
  • Cheng Yu Liu Chung- Cheng institute of Technology, Taiwan
Keywords: Numerical solutions, Controller design, Rate gyro, Tracking loop


This study develops conventional use of 20 mm twin machine gun to provide defence against close-in-air threat. For expanding the field of usage of machine gun and promoting defence ability in naval combat, this study offers a preliminary design of tracking loop, which includes the man-in-loop's scheme. Accuracy and stabilisation are the main considerations for a shipboard weapon design and are included in design. In numerical simulations, the stabilisation of gun mount and carriage platform in tracking loop under large disturbances induced by sea waves is assessed first. Two typical scenarios proceed with the testing of tracking performances. Simulation results demonstrate the effective performance of designed tracking loop subject to environmental disturbances.

Author Biographies

Sou Chen Lee, Chung- Cheng institute of Technology, Taiwan
Dr Sou-Chen, Lee received his MS and PhD in System Engineering both from the Chung ChengInstitute of Technology, Republic of China (ROC), in 1985 and 1993, respectively. He worked asResearch Assistant at the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology, ROC during 1985-88.Since 1993, he has been working as Associate Professor in the Department of System Engineering,Chung Cheng Institute of Technology. His research areas include: inertial navigation system,guidance and control, and dynamic system.
Cheng Yu Liu, Chung- Cheng institute of Technology, Taiwan
Mr Cheng-Yu, Liu received his MS in System Engineering from the Chung Cheng Institute ofTechnology, ROC, in 1983. Since 1983, he has been working as Research Assistant at the ChungShan Institute of Science and Technology, ROC. His research areas include: estimation, systemidentification and control theory. He is a student member of the Institute of Electronic, Informationand Communication Engineers.


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