Global Contour and Region Based Shape Analysis and Similarity Measures (Review Paper)

  • Debasis Chaudhuri Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Dehradun
Keywords: Shape analysis, object classification, Shape measure, pattern recognition, computer vision, circular fit, elliptic fit, rectangular fit


More and more images have been generated in digital form around the world. There is a growing interest in finding images in large collections or from remote databases. In order to find an image, the image has to be described or represented by certain features. Shape is an important visual feature of an image. Searching for images using shape features has attracted much attention. There are many shape representation and description techniques in the literature. Object classification often operates by making decisions based on the values of several shape properties measured from an image of the object. Shape analysis is a useful tool for recognition of an object. This paper treats various aspects that are needed to solve shape matching problems: choosing the precise problem of global contour and region based shape analysis, selecting the properties of the similarity measure that are needed for the problem and choosing the specific similarity measure to compute the similarity.

Defence Science Journal, 2013, 63(1), pp.74-88DOI:

Author Biography

Debasis Chaudhuri, Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Dehradun
Dr D Chaudhuri received the BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, in 1985, MSc (Applied Mathematics) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in 1987 and PhD from IndianStatistical Institute, Kolkata in 1994. Currently working as a Scientist at DEAL, Dehradun, India. He has published over 45 papers in international journals and conferences. He is a fellow of IETE. His research interests include: Image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision,remote sensing, and target detection from satellite imagery.
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