Subpixel Target Enhancement in Hyperspectral Images

  • Manoj K. Arora Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Rooorkee
  • K. C. Tiwari Delhi Technological University, New Delhi
Keywords: Super-resolution mapping, mixed pixel, subpixel target detection, hyperspectral data, linear mixture modeling


Hyperspectral images due to their higher spectral resolution are increasingly being used for various remote sensing applications including information extraction at subpixel level. Typically whenever an object gets spectrally resolved but not spatially, mixed pixels in the images result. Numerous man made and/or natural disparatetar gets may thus occur inside such mixed pixels giving rise to subpixel target detection problem. Various spectral unmixing models such as linear mixture modeling (LMM) are in vogue to recover components of a mixed pixel. Spectral unmixing outputs both the endmember spectrum and their corresponding a bundance fractions inside the pixel. It, however, does not provide spatial distribution of these abundance fractions within a pixel. This limits the applicability of hyperspectral data for subpixel target detection. In this paper, a new inverse Euclidean distance based super-resolution mapping method has been presented. In this method, the subpixel target detection is performed by adjusting spatial distribution of abundance fraction within a pixel of an hyperspectral image. Results obtainedat different resolutions indicate that super-resolution mapping may effectively be utilized in enhancing the target detection at sub-pixel level.

Defence Science Journal, 2013, 63(1), pp.63-68DOI:

Author Biographies

Manoj K. Arora, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Rooorkee
Prof. Manoj K. Arora obtained his BE (Civil Engineering) from PEC Chandigarh, ME (Survey and Photogrammetry) from University of Roorkee and PhD (RemoteSensing) from University of Wales Swansea (UK) in 1984, 1986 and 1996 respectively.Currently working as Professor of Geomatics Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. He has published about 180 research papers in reputed journals and conference proceedings.He has guided 11 Doctoral and 50 Master’s theses, has published two books. His research interests include: Remote sensing and GIS, digital image processing, land cover mapping and disaster management applications.
K. C. Tiwari, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi
Dr K C Tiwari (Retd. Colonel) graduated from NIT Allahabad and then completed his ME CAD (Civil) and PhD from IIT Roorkee. currently a Professor in theDepartment of Civil Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India. He has published more than 40 papers in International/National Journals and Conferences. His research interests include: Detection of small and buried objects using microwave and hyperspectral remote sensing.
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