Convenience Foods for Defence Force Based on Traditional Indian Foods

  • K.S. Premavalli Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore.
Keywords: Quality requirements, Defence Forces, Foods requirement, Packed rations


This article reviews the traditionally used food items vis-a-vis convenience foods developed by the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore, during the past three decades keeping in view the quality requirements (QRs) of the Defence Forces. Simultaneously, information has been provided on the kind of processing technologies used that any entrepreneur becomes aware of the infrastructure required to produce these commercially to meet the demands of the Army Purchase Organisation (APO) with DFRL know-how. The information provided will also be of immense value to APO in planning the convenience foods requirement and their inclusion in packed rations for special tasks and missions.

Author Biography

K.S. Premavalli, Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore.
Dr (Mrs) KS PremavalIi obtained her PhD (Food Science) from the Univers'ityof Mysore in 1990.Presently, she is working as Sci D at the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. She is alsoteaching the PG diploma students, short-term courses to MSc students and refresher courses to theArmy officers. Her areas of research include: Development of cereal products, oils and their products,colourants and quality indicator kits and tradition-based convenience instant mixes. She has published60 research papers, six techni~al reports, pate.nts and six manuals for PO diploma courses. She hasreceived DRDO Cash Award (1983) for process development of chapaties, Best All Rounder Awardin DFRL (1993), Best Seminar Award (1980) and Best Scientific Worker Award (1981).


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