Transient Heat Transfer in Cylinpers.

  • M.G. Chopra Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
  • Ashwani Gupta Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
  • I. J. Marwah Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
Keywords: Transient heat transfer, Computational domain, Circular cylinders, Elliptical cylinders, Combustion driven shock tubes


A numerical solution has been obtained for transient heat transfer in cylinders by appropriate choice of body ,conforming grid points. The physical domain is transformed to computational domain using elliptic partial differential equation technique, wherein the grid spacing becomes uniform. The advantage of this method is that the discretisation of transformed equations. and accompanying boundary conditipns becdme very simple. The applicability of this method is very broad, as it can be
used for carryinI giout study of any comple'x domain in contrast to finite difference methods, which have limited applicability. Detailedcalculations have been carried out to trace the evolution of temperature
distribution frpm the initiial stages to the steadystate for circular cylinder, elliptical cylinder and square block with circular hole. This paper is aimed for general-shaped bodies and it has been applied to study
transient heat transfer in combustion-driven shock tube.

Author Biographies

M.G. Chopra, Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
Laser Science & Technology Centre, Metcalfe House
Ashwani Gupta, Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
I. J. Marwah, Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi


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