Electricity in the navy

  • M. K. Lele Indian Navy
Keywords: Electricity, Navy, R.N. Systems, energy utility,


Author projects some ideas of the role that electricity plays nowadays in the Navy and the variety of problems which are associated with the fulfillment of that role. A part from the high falutin equipment such as Guided Missiles, which is still in its development stage and which will not reach the Indian Navy for some considerable time, it is evident that the trend is towards improved fire control by using electronic analyzers,  use of television, improved anti-submarine sets, electric propulsion of ships, etc. The swiftness with which these development takes place in the Indian Navy and the extent to which it can keep in step with other navies is dependent, amongst other things, upon the cooperation between the Naval Electrical officers and the Naval scientists and the Electrical Industry of the country.

Author Biography

M. K. Lele, Indian Navy
Lieut. Comdr, Indian Navy
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Lele, M. (2013). Electricity in the navy. Defence Science Journal, 3(1), 61-66. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.3.3437
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