Administration for Defence Scientists

  • G. E. Gale Indian Navy, New Delhi
Keywords: Administration, joint planning, administrative rules, exchange of idea, chain of commands, co-operation.


All scientific work must be carried out against a background of adequate administrative support if it is to become effective and produce useful results. Administration is not a job for which we, as scientists, are particularly trained; and it is a thing of which we tend to fight shy, partly because, author suppose, most Of peoples are associate the administrator with highly unpleasant matters such as income tax, delays in getting our pay cheques, and so on - For that reason we do not feel, always pay  sufficient attention to administrative affairs ; rather like the ostrich, we try to escape from them by merely ignoring them. But that is a wrong and unfruitful attitude to adopt. All live so much under the activities of the trained administrator that should, if, it  give a great deal of thought to our own administrative problems deliberate and conscious thought to them-and make an honest and heart-searching self analysis regarding our own possible failings.

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G. E. Gale, Indian Navy, New Delhi
Scientific Adviser, Indian Navy
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Gale, G. (1). Administration for Defence Scientists. Defence Science Journal, 3(1), 20-34.
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