Dynamic Analysis of a Military- Tracked Vehicle

  • V. Balamurugan Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, Chennai
Keywords: Finite element simulation method, Eigenvalue analysis, Newmark beta method


'The ride dynamic characteristics of a typical medium weight, high speed military-tracked vehicle for negotiating rough cross-counlry terrain have been studied. The vehicle is modelled using finite
element simulation method with beam and shell elements. An eigenvalue analysis has been done to estimate natural modes ofNibration of the vehicle. The dynamic response of certain salient locations is obtained by carrying out a transient dynamic analysis using implicit Newmark beta method. A constant forwar vehicle speed and non-deformable sinusoidal terrain profile are assumed.

Author Biography

V. Balamurugan, Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, Chennai
Shri V Balamurllgan did his BE (Mechanical Engineering) from Anna Univcrsity in 1991 and MS From IIT, Chennai in 1999. He Joined DRDO at the Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) , Avadi, Chennai, in 1991.His areas of research include:design analysis and optimisation of mechanical Systems. cllmplltatimlal mechanics, structural  dynamics, and vibrationand Smart Structures.


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