Radar Cross-section Measurement Techniques

  • V.G. Borkar Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
  • A. Ghosh Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
  • R.K. Singh Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
  • N.K. Chourasia Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Radar cross-section, inverse synthetic aperture radar, stealth, RCS control, anechoic chamber


Radar cross-section (RCS) is an important study parameter for defence applications specially dealing with airborne weapon system. The RCS parameter guides the detection range for a target and is therefore studied to understand the effectiveness of a weapon system. It is not only important to understand the RCS characteristics of a target but also to look into the diagnostic mode of study where factors contributing to a particular RCS values are studied. This further opens up subject like RCS suppression and stealth. The paper discusses the RCS principle, control, and need of measurements. Classification of RCS in terms of popular usage is explained with detailed theory of RF imaging and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR). The various types of RCS measurement ranges are explained with brief discussion on outdoor RCS measurement range. The RCS calibration plays a critical role in referencing the measurement to absolute values and has been described.The RCS facility at Reseach Centre Imarat, Hyderabad, is explained with some details of different activities that are carried out including RAM evaluation, scale model testing, and diagnostic imaging.

Defence Science Journal, 2010, 60(2), pp.204-212, DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.14429/dsj.60.341

Author Biographies

V.G. Borkar, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Presently, Working at Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad. His areas of work include design and development of high power electromagnetic systems, microwave antennas, components, systems, radomes, and radar cross-section (RCS) measurements.
A. Ghosh, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
He is working in the field of antennas, radome, and RCS measurements.
R.K. Singh, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Presently working at RCI, Hyderabad, in the areas of establishment of technologies for specialised RF test and measurements, technologies pertaining to compact range design, radomes, and RCS.
N.K. Chourasia, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Presently working at RCI, Hyderabad in the area of antenna design, RCS estimation, associated measurement in compact range/anechoic chamber and RF imaging. Currently, he is involved in the design and development of the indigenous indoor and outdoor RCS ranges.
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Borkar, V., Ghosh, A., Singh, R., & Chourasia, N. (2010). Radar Cross-section Measurement Techniques. Defence Science Journal, 60(2), 204-212. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.60.341