Stability Criterion for a Finned Spinning Projectile

  • S. D. Naik Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
Keywords: Gun projectiles, Aerodynamic stablisation, Free flight rockets, Sabot projectiles, Aerodynamics


The state-of-the-art in gun projectile technology has been used for the aerodynamic stabilisation.This approach is acceptable for guided and controlled rockets but the free-flight rockets suffer from
unacceptable dispersion. Sabot projectiles with both spin and fms developed during the last decadeneed careful analysis. In this study, the second method of Liapunov has been used to develop stability criterion for a projectile to be designed with small fins and is made to spin in the flight. This criterion is useful for the designer.

Author Biography

S. D. Naik, Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
Dr (Mrs) SD Naik obtained her PhD from the University of Poona, Pune, in 1988. She joined DRDO at the Institute of Armarnatt Technology, Pune, in 1987. Her areas of research include: flight dynamics and stability analysis. She has published seven papers in national/international journals.


Bakshi, Smita B. & Sharma, K.C. A fresh look at the free- flight dynamics of spinning projectile. Sadhana, 12(4), 321-37.

Sharma, K.C. On the dynamic stability of a missile. Del Sci. J., 1997, 27(1), 29-32.

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Naik, S. (2013). Stability Criterion for a Finned Spinning Projectile. Defence Science Journal, 50(1), 31-35.
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