Estimation of Life of an Elastomeric Component:A Stochastic Model

  • S N Das DMD Establishment, Secunderabad
  • A. Roy Chaudhuri DMD Establishment, Secunderabad


Life of equipment has been an area of great importance to engineers, however, largely unexplored. In the case of elastomers, this becomes more critical because of faster degradation in properties of the elastomers, and thereby performance of the elastomeric item, when compared to metals-the degradation referred to as aging of the elastomer. The present work focuses on the development of a stochastic model for estimating life of a vibration isolator, which finds many defence applications, to attenuate noise and vibration from the machinery. A majority of the vibration isolators use rubber for attenuation, and therefore, the life of the isolator invariably depends on the life of the rubber. The methodology of life estimation has been based on the Arrhenius theory of chemical kinetics and is applicable where the material degrades relatively faster at higher temperature so that the degradation rates can be studied. Statistical techniques have been applied to arrive at a reliable estimation. The method can be used for reliable estimation of storage life of elastomeric products, and thereby help to maintain cost-effective inventory.

Defence Science Journal, 2011, 61(3), pp.257-263, DOI:

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A. Roy Chaudhuri, DMD Establishment, Secunderabad
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DMDE, Secunderabad
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Das, S., & Chaudhuri, A. (2011). Estimation of Life of an Elastomeric Component:A Stochastic Model. Defence Science Journal, 61(3), 257-263.
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