Science embraces all, enriches all

  • GS Mukherjee


Since last decade, the United Nations has emphasized more on Science as manifested from the observance of International Years of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, et al. in recent past which reminds the researchers to cultivate science. As such science does not have any geographical boundary nor has any restriction to remain stagnant in a particular domain or discipline but it is a dynamic process, providing logical thinking towards unfolding the truth for the progress of human civilization and its chromatic culture. Since 1949, Defence Science Journal (DSJ) shares the responsibility with a broader vision and carries a much bigger canvas of publications towards integrating the whole research community of the globe. DSJ has been providing yeoman service to the entire scientific fraternity by extending its platform for publication of articles received from all echelons of scientists, technologists, and engineers without showing any proclivity towards a particular professional or research community provided their original ideas and research results imbue the minds of the readers for the larger cause of scientific culture where publications play significant role.

Defence Science Journal, 2012, 62(6), pp.359-360, DOI:

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