A Distributed Weighted Voting Approach for Accurate Eye Center Estimation

  • Gagandeep Singh IIT Patna
  • Mahesh Kumar H. Kolekar Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Keywords: Eye center estimation, iris recognition, biomarkers, biometrics


This paper proposes a novel approach for accurate estimation of eye center in face images. A distributed voting based approach in which every pixel votes is adopted for potential eye center candidates. The votes are distributed over a subset of pixels which lie in a direction which is opposite to gradient direction and the weightage of votes is distributed according to a novel mechanism.  First, image is normalized to eliminate illumination variations and its edge map is generated using Canny edge detector. Distributed voting is applied on the edge image to generate different eye center candidates. Morphological closing and local maxima search are used to reduce the number of candidates. A classifier based on spatial and intensity information is used to choose the correct candidates for the locations of eye center. The proposed approach was tested on BioID face database and resulted in better Iris detection rate than the state-of-the-art. The proposed approach is robust against illumination variation, small pose variations, presence of eye glasses and partial occlusion of eyes.

Defence Science Journal, 2013, 63(3), pp.292-297DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.14429/dsj.63.2763

Author Biographies

Gagandeep Singh, IIT Patna
Mr Gagandeep singh received his BTech  Computer Sci. Engg.), Indian Institute of Technology, Patna in 2012. He is currently  pursuing his master’s in computer science in Software Reliability lab at ETH Zurich. He received President of India Gold Medal for securing highest CPI in BTech programme at IIT Patna.
Mahesh Kumar H. Kolekar, Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Dr Maheshkumar H. Kolekar received his  PhD  (Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.) from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2007. Presently working as Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Patna. His research interests are in digital image and video processing, video surveillance and medical image processing.
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Singh, G., & Kolekar, M. K. (2013). A Distributed Weighted Voting Approach for Accurate Eye Center Estimation. Defence Science Journal, 63(3), 292-297. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.63.2763
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