Mitigation of Mine Blast Loading by Collapsible Structures

  • Izak Marius Snyman Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa
Keywords: Land mine, protection, V-shape


This paper presents research results on the mitigation of mine blast loading by collapsible structures. A baseline test consisting of a test platform with a V-shape body exposed to the charge was executed, recording the imparted impulse and the deformation of the test item. A collapsible structure is added to the test platform and tested (two tests). By the law of conservation of momentum, similar peak imparted impulse values were obtained. However, the average imparted impulse reduced by between 16 % to 18% by adding this collapsible element in the load path. The average impulse is the total momentum transferred after the response of the damping system is filtered into the measurement system. The results are analysed with ANSYS AUTODYN and support the measured effects of the introduction of the mitigation measure.

Defence Science Journal, 2013, 63(3), pp.262-270DOI:

Author Biography

Izak Marius Snyman, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa

Dr Izak marius Snyman obtained his MSc and PhD in Applied Mathematics in 1978 and 1982 respectively from the University of South Africa. In 1989, he joined ARMSCOR as a Chief Scientist and provided support in computational and applied mathematics to the engineers and scientists in the military industry. He is currently a Principal Scientist and Research Group Leader with regard to the development of protection techniques against threats such as blast and impact. He is also responsible for the modelling and simulation of complex phenomena of short time duration and large deformations (such as explosions, impact or ballistic impact). The solution involves finite element and finite difference methods used in a hydrocode such as ANSYS AUTODYN.  Dr Snyman is the author as well as co-author of 39 international publications.

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