Agent-oriented Programming in Defence Domain

  • Sunil Doiphode Research & Development Establishment (Engineers), Pune
Keywords: Agent-oriented programming, distributed artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, decision support system, object-oriented programming, JAVA, intelligent agents, mobile agents, BDI agent


Research in distributed artificial intelligence has given rise to agent-oriented programming (AOP), an advanced software modelling paradigm. It has several benefits when compared with the existing development approaches, in particular, the ability to let agents represent high-level abstractions of active entities in a software system. Although still young and under evolution, this paradigm has already shown particular promise in a number of areas. This paper gives an overview of this paradigm, its benefits over the other conventional programming paradigms being used. It also proposes the decision support system model for the military domain.
In the proposed system there are certain critical issues, which need to be focused upon. The existing conventional paradigms are inadequate to deal with these issues. This paper identifies these critical issues and discusses how AOP can address these issues.
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Doiphode, S. (2003). Agent-oriented Programming in Defence Domain. Defence Science Journal, 53(3), 267-273.
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