On the Mass Impact Loading of Ductile Plates

  • Norman Jones University of Liverpool, Liverpool
Keywords: Impact, square plate, -circular plate, ductile deformations, theoretical analysis, large deformations


This paper examines the response of circular and square plates stluck by a rigid mass at the plate centre with a sufficient initial kinetic energy to produce large inelastic deformations. A simpliiicd analysis, which retains finite-deflection effects and assumes that the plates are made of a rigid, perfectly plastic material, provides a relatively simple theoretical solution for the maximum permanent Inusvet displacement and the response duration. It transpires that the theoretical predictions give reasonable agreement with the maximum v e n ttr ansverse displacements recorded in several experimental studies on fully clamped, circular and square ductile metal plates. The final theoretical expressions for the behaviour are easy to use and ideal for preliminary design purposes and would be sufficiently accurate for final designs in some applications.
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Jones, N. (2003). On the Mass Impact Loading of Ductile Plates. Defence Science Journal, 53(1), 15-24. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.53.2271
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