Biotechnology in India : Current scene (Review Paper)

  • A. Nagaratnam Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Biotechnology, Medical science, Transgenics, Tissue culture, Seriobiotechnology, Animal biotechnology, Bio prospecting, Marine biotechnology, Immunomodulators


Realising the immense potential of biotechnology in the fields of agricultural production and health care, especially in developing countries, India has been devoting special attention over the past two decades to biotechnology and its applications. Necessary infrastructure has been built-up, the human resources and technical expertise built-up, and fruitful interactions between academic institutions and industries supported. The Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India has been playing a major role in this endeavour. Special efforts are being made to ensure practical applications of laboratory research. Salient achievements in the areas of agriculture (including tissue culture, transgenics, sericulture, animal, marine and microbial biotechnology, biofertilisers, bio-control agents, bio-prospecting, conservation of biodiversity and environment) and health care (including genetic counselling, DNA fingerprinting, preservation and propagation of human cell lines, medicinal biotechnology with special reference to indigenous medicinal plants, and immunodiagnostics for human beings and animals) are reviewed.

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A. Nagaratnam, Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Consultant, DRDO, Jodhpur
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Nagaratnam, A. (2002). Biotechnology in India : Current scene (Review Paper). Defence Science Journal, 51(4), 401-408.
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