Performance evaluation of Mg-AgCI batteries for underwater propulsion

  • K. Venkateswara Rao Naval Science & Technological Laboratory
Keywords: Propellants, Explosives, Electrochemical systems, Underwater vehicles


Magnesium-silver chloride seawater activated reserve pile-type battery was exclusively used in all underwater vehicles as a source of power due to its high energy density and power density. Various tests have been conducted on fully assembled battery to test its performance, suitability and compatibility. However, it is also essential that the battery is subjected to failure mode studies to understand the limitations of the battery and to analyse the vehicles performance under such situations. Various possible failure modes that the battery might experience during its usage as propulsion source in the underwater vehicle are identified, and the performance evaluation of scale9 down model (I O-cell module) of the battery has been carried out in the laboratory. The results are discussed to understand the electrochemical system and its effect on the overall performance of the vehicle. It has been observed that while some failure modes were found to affect the vehicles' performance adversely, only some failure modes are detrimental to the vehicle's performance.
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Rao, K. (2002). Performance evaluation of Mg-AgCI batteries for underwater propulsion. Defence Science Journal, 51(2), 161-170.
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