Detection of landmines (Review Paper)

  • A.K. Sinha Defence Terrain Research Laboratory, Delhi
  • S.D. Mehta Defence Terrain Research Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Military technology, Landmines, Detection


Detection of landmines is a problem concerning both military and peacekeeping forces. This paper reviews literature on strategic minefield layouts, modern mine clearing, and mine countermeasure techniques based on mechanical methods. Discusses hydraulic and signal processing techniques, ion-trap mobility spectrometer, subsurface probing radar and few other novel methods employed for this purpose. The specialised directions that the landmine detection methods are taking are clearly pointed out.
How to Cite
Sinha, A., & Mehta, S. (2002). Detection of landmines (Review Paper). Defence Science Journal, 51(2), 115-131.
Armaments & Explosives

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