Reliability Growth Management during Prototype Development

  • K.G. Kumaraswamy Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore
Keywords: Reliability management, reliability growth models, prototype development, test and evaluation, reliability data, advanced light helicopter, reliability assurance


Reliability growth is defined as positive improvement of system/equipment reliability through the systematic and permanent removal of specific failure mechanisms. Effective reliability growth is dependent upon the extent to which testing and other improvement techniques have been used during development and production to eliminate design and fabrication flaws, as well as on the rigour with which these flaws/deficiencies are analysed and corrected. In a prototype development scenario of a complex product such as a modern helicopter, reliability growth management has to consider various factors, such as the dynamic nature of design changes, usage environment, inherent reliability of constituent systems (both in-house fabricated and bought out items), quality aspects as well as users' expectations. Major factors contributing for the effective reliability growth management are continuous snag data analysis, reliability trend monitoring and design reviews. This paper presents the details of reliability growth management aspects adopted during prototype development of advanced light helicopter, designed and developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore. The approach followed lay greater emphasis on regular and continuous snag data analysis, monitoring of efficacy of corrective actions, establishment of an adequate failure reporting and corrective action system, proper documentation, and above all, design review by the top management for assuring reliability. It has been observed that the above management approach has yielded positive results in reducing the number of reliability problems encountered during prototype development. It also provides scope for further reliability improvement in production versions
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Kumaraswamy, K. (2002). Reliability Growth Management during Prototype Development. Defence Science Journal, 52(4), 385-392.
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