Image Registration using Polynomial Affie Transformation

  • Narayan Paniphi Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Bangalore
  • Smita Tripathy Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
Keywords: Image registration, geometric error, polynomial affine transformation, ground correlation point, control point, barycentric coordinates


"An error is generally introduced when an image is taken remotely by an imaging system, This is more prominent when an airborne system takes the image of the earth's surface. Generally the error, known as geometric error, is a composite of translation, rotation, scaling, and warping of the image. This paper discusses an algorithm to remove geometric error by applying geometric transformation and registering an image with its reference image, or the same image taken at some other instance of time. To remove these highly irregular distortions, translation, rotation, scaling, and warping to the image is applied simultaneously. This is done by establishing a polynomial affine transformation, which is applied to the image with geometric error to register it with the reference image, thus removing the error
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Paniphi, N., & Tripathy, S. (2002). Image Registration using Polynomial Affie Transformation. Defence Science Journal, 52(3), 253-259.
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