Computation Cuwes for Air Data System (Short Communication)

  • H. S. Krishna Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
  • K. P. Singh. Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
Keywords: Flight safety, air data system, combat aircraft, mission critical aerodynamics, sensors, wmputation curves, flow angularity, local angle of attack, local side slip angle, position error, probe, vanes, pressure coefficient, Euler codes, computational fluid


Air data system of aircraft measures flow variables, primarily to monitor flight safety. The computational fluid dynamics approach to the problems for evaluating air data in a typical combat aircraft flow field is to find suitable sensor locations, to determine residual pressure correction and to compute local flow angularity at the proposed locations of sensors. The functional relationship between local flow angles and free-stream parameters being linear, it can be displayed as charts or nomograms.
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Krishna, H., & Singh., K. (2002). Computation Cuwes for Air Data System (Short Communication). Defence Science Journal, 52(1), 65-71.