Analysis of Axisymmetric Crushing of Frusta

  • M.M.A. Khan Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • H. Abbas Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • N.K. Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi
Keywords: Thin-walled smctures, energy absorbers, cylindrical tubes, hsta, energy absorbing device, curved-fold model, axisymmetric crushing


The paper presents a curved-fold model with variable straight length for the axisymmetric crushing of thin frusta. The folding considered in the model is partly inside and partly outside. The variation of circumferential strain during the formation of a fold has been taken into account. The size of the fold and mean, as well as variation of crushing load, has been computed mathematically. The study is purely analytical and does not involve any empirical constant; and hence, can be used in general. The model's predictions have been compared with experimental results and a reasonably good agreement has been observed. "
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Khan, M., Abbas, H., & Gupta, N. (2003). Analysis of Axisymmetric Crushing of Frusta. Defence Science Journal, 53(1), 41-50.
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