Simulation of Naval Wargames

  • S. C. Jethi Recruitment & Assessment Centre, Delhi
  • R. K. Jain Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Keywords: Naval wargaming, wargames simulation training, modelling and simulation, combat models, training, wargames


Computerised naval wargames are being used worldwide for operational planning, personnel training, operational development, and research and development. These wargames simulate
surface, antisubmarine warfare, anti-air, and air warfare. Generally, the three forces participate in these wargames, namely blue (friendly), red (enemy), and neutral. The platforms of these
forces, ie, ships, submarines, and aircraft along with their sensors and weapons are simulated under varying environmental conditions. These platforms are manoeuvered by the players with
conflicting objectives, and they consequently detect, react, engage, and inflict or suffer damages. Efforts are made to model the performance of weapons and sensors. The outcome of the wargames has been analysed and used for the required purposes.
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Jethi, S., & Jain, R. (2004). Simulation of Naval Wargames. Defence Science Journal, 54(3), 407-415.
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