Computational Examination of Parameters Influencing Practicability of Ram Accelerator

  • Sunil Bhat Armament Research & Development Establishment, Pune
Keywords: Ram accelerator, projectiles, propulsion, computational fluid dynamics, modelling, flow parameters, projectile velocity, flow regime, fuel-oxidiser mixture, hit probability, projectile ablation


The problems concerning practicability aspects of a ram accelerator, such as intense in-bore projectile ablation, large accelerator tube length to achieve high projectile muzzle velocity, and high entry velocity of projectile in the accelerator tube for starting the accelerator have been examined. Computational models of the processes like phenomenon of projectile ablation, flow in the aero-window used as accelerator tube-end closure device in case of high drive gas filling pressure in the ram accelerator tube have been presented. New projectile design to minimise the starting velocity of the ram accelerator is discussed. Possibility of deployment of ram accelerator in the defence-oriented role has been investigated to utilise its high velocity potential.
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Bhat, S. (2004). Computational Examination of Parameters Influencing Practicability of Ram Accelerator. Defence Science Journal, 54(3), 259-270.
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