Fault Detection in Systems-A Fuzzy Approach

  • Ashok Kumar Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
  • Gopa Karmakar Universiry of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Fuzzy number, fuzzy relation, occurrence indication relation, conformability indication relation, FMEA, fault detection, failure mode and effect analysis, modified similarity measure, MSM


The task of fault detection is important when dealing with failures of crucial nature. After detection of faults in a system, it is advisable to suggest maintenance action before occurrence
of a failure. Fault detection may be done by observing various symptoms of the system during its operational stage. Sometimes, symptoms cannot be quantified easily but can be expressed
in linguistic terms. Since linguistic terms are fuzzy quantifiers, these can be represented by fuzzy numbers. In this paper, two cases have been discussed, where a fault likely to affect a particular systemlsystems, is detected. In the first case, this is done by means of a compositional rule of inference. The second case is based on modified similarity measure. For both these  cases, linguistic terms have been expressed as trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
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Kumar, A., & Karmakar, G. (2004). Fault Detection in Systems-A Fuzzy Approach. Defence Science Journal, 54(2), 189-198. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.54.2032
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