Fingerprint Powder Formulation based on Azure I1 Dye

  • G.S. Sodhi University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Jasjeet Kaur University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Fingerprint technology, azure I1 dye, fingerprinting, fingerprint powder, fingerprint detection, black powder


A novel fingerprint-dusting composition based on an organic dye, azure 11, has been prepared. The proportion of the dye in the formulation is 1 per cent, the remaining being an adhesive
mixture of meshed aluminum, boric acid, talc, and barium carbonate. The powder gives sharp and clear prints on a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, including multicoloured ones. Weak, chance prints may be detected under ultraviolet light.
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Sodhi, G., & Kaur, J. (2004). Fingerprint Powder Formulation based on Azure I1 Dye. Defence Science Journal, 54(2), 179-182.
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