Numerical Exploration of Staged Transverse Injection into Confined Supersonic

  • A. T. Sriram Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • Debasis Chakraborty Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad
Keywords: Supersonic flow, scramjet combustor, staged transverse injection


Staged transverse sonic injection into supersonic flow in a confined environment usually employed in scramjet combustor has been explored numerically using an indigenously developed three-dimensional Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes solver with Roe's scheme and k-w turbulence model. Simulations were carried out for both without injection and with injection in Mach 2 flow behind a backward-facing step in a rectangular duct. Simulation captured all finer details of flow structures including recirculation bubble behind a backward-facing step, barrel shocks and Mach discs caused due to transverse injection and reattachment of shear layer in the downstream wake region. K-w turbulence model with compressibility correction performed extremely well in predicting the overall behaviour of the flow field. The jet from the second injector was found to penetrate more in the free-stream due to the loss of free-stream total pressure across the barrel shock of the first injection point. Excellent agreement of computed profiles of various flow parameters at different axial locations in the duct with experimental results and other numerical results available in the literature demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of the indigenously developed code.

Defence Science Journal, 2011, 61(1), pp.3-11, DOI:

Author Biographies

A. T. Sriram, Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad

Dr A.T. Sriram obtained his PhD in Aerospace Engineering, from Indian nstitute of Science, Bengaluru. His specialization is on computations of compressible turbulent flows applicable to turbomachines and propulsion systems (SCRAMJET Engines). His post doctoral work includes research at CGPL (IISc, Bangalore), DRDL (Hyderabad) and University of Virginia. His research interest ncludes interaction of shock wave with free-stream turbulence and turbulent boundary layers, non-reacting and reacting supersonic shear layers and flame-acoustic interactions.

Debasis Chakraborty, Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad

Dr Debasis Chakraborty obtained his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Presently, he is working as Technology Director, Computational Dynamics Directorate, DRDL, Hyderabad. His research interests are CFD, aerodynamics, high-speed combustion, and propulsion. He has about 30 journal and 40 conference publications.

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Sriram, A., & Chakraborty, D. (2010). Numerical Exploration of Staged Transverse Injection into Confined Supersonic. Defence Science Journal, 61(1), 3-11.
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