Advances in Active Radar Seeker Technology

  • Rajatendu Das Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Active radar seekers, active electronically scanned array, antenna, missile guidance, seeker technology, coherent monopulse, tracker configuration, target tracking, target identification, target detection


Active radar seekers have gained wide applications in the terminal phase of missile guidance to provide hit-to-kill capability. Till recently, coherent monopulse tracker configurations were being used extensively for air-to-air missile seekers as well as surface-to-air missile seekers, while special real-beam technique-based seekers have been employed in antiship and land-attack systems. In this paper, features of active radar seekers have been described against different targets and background conditions to bring out the fact that the seeker design is highly applicationspecific in nature. The emerging trends in radar seeker technology have been identified wrt ever-changing threat scenario coupled with newer electronic countermeasure techniques, including the latest developments in components, subsystems, as well as implementation aspects.
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Das, R. (2005). Advances in Active Radar Seeker Technology. Defence Science Journal, 55(3), 329-336.
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