Current Trends in Tactical Missile Guidance

  • S. Vathsal Directorate of ER & IPR, New Delhi
  • A.K. Sarkar Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderbad
Keywords: Tactical missile guidance, proportional navigation, optimal guidance law, true proportional navigation, extended Kalman filter, line-of-sight, LOS


The problem of tactical missile guidance is very challenging and has been treated using several basic metlfodologies in the past four decades. Major techniques can be grouped under
classical guidance laws, modern guidance laws, l'aws for manoeuvring targets, predictive guidance for endgame scenario, and guidance laws based on intelligent control methods. Each technique has some advantages and disadvantages while implementing in a practical system. Guidance law selection is dictated by nature of flight profile like boost, midcourse, terminal homing, etc, and also miss-distance and a single-shot kill probability. This paper presents a brief survey of the existing techniques and current trends in tactical missile guidance.
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Vathsal, S., & Sarkar, A. (2005). Current Trends in Tactical Missile Guidance. Defence Science Journal, 55(3), 265-280.
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