Guidance Scheme for Solid Propelled Vehicle during Atmospheric Phase

  • Tessy Thomas Advanced Systems Laboratoly, Hyderabad
Keywords: Long-range missiles, missile guidance schemes, launch vehicle, ballistic missiles, energy management guidance scheme, atmospheric phase


Strategic ballistic missiles are the long-range missiles designed to intercept stationary, defined targets. Guidance is in the boost phase which represents only a small fraction of the total time
of flight of the missile. A missile has to be guided and steered to the required position and velocity states at the end of the boost phase. The problem of guiding a vehicle in atmospheric phase in the presence of drag and lift, poses a challenge for the designer. This paper describes an energy management guidance scheme for guiding the vehicle in atmospheric phase of the
flight. The estimated drag is taken care of by the ghidance scheme. Uncertainty in velocity due to drag or impulse variation at the end of the boost phase are corrected by an augmented velocity package. A closed-loop guidance scheme has been used during this phase also. A ballistic reentry has been considered for this design study.
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Thomas, T. (2005). Guidance Scheme for Solid Propelled Vehicle during Atmospheric Phase. Defence Science Journal, 55(3), 253-264.
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