Guidance Systems of Fighter Aircraft

  • K.N. Rajanikanth Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
  • R.S. Rao Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
  • P. S. Subramanyam Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
  • Ajai Vohra Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore
Keywords: Takeoff guidance, homing guidance, speed guidance, auto switch-over guidance, desired track guidance, landing guidance, slope guidance, angle of attack, heads-up-display, weapon delivery guidance


Mission performance of a fighter aircraft is crucial for survival and strike capabilities in todays' aerial warfare scenario. The guidance functions of such an aircraft play a vital role in
meeting the requirements and accomplishing the mission success. This paper presents the requirements of precision guidance for various missions of a fighter aircraft. The concept of
guidance system as a pilot-in-loop system is pivotal in understanding and designing such a system. Methodologies of designing such a system are described.
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Rajanikanth, K., Rao, R., Subramanyam, P. S., & Vohra, A. (2005). Guidance Systems of Fighter Aircraft. Defence Science Journal, 55(3), 231-244.
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