Launch Stabilisation System for Vertical Launch of a Missile

  • K. Sreekumar Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumba
  • A.T. Ramchandani Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumba
Keywords: Launch stabilisation system, launch platform, stabilised vertical launch system, SVLS, missile launching, control system, controller design


The launch platform stabilisation control system is a roll-pitch stabilised platform for the vertical launch of a missile from a naval ship. Stabilisation of the launch platform is achieved
with the help of embedded controllers and electro-hydraulic servo control system. The launch platform is stabilised wrt true horizontal with a 2-axis (roll and pitch) stabilisation system
consisting of a gimbal and a set of three high-pressure servo hydraulic actuators. The control system uses rate gyro and tilt sensor feedbacks for stabilising the platform. This paper outlines the details of the launch platform stabilisation control system, results of digital simulation, and the performance during sea trials.
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Sreekumar, K., & Ramchandani, A. (2005). Launch Stabilisation System for Vertical Launch of a Missile. Defence Science Journal, 55(3), 223-230.
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