Smart Textiles for Soldier of the Future

  • O. Sahin Dokuz Eylul University, Izmip
  • O. Kayacan Dokuz Eylul University, Izmip
  • E. Yazgan Bulgun Dokuz Eylul University, Izmip
Keywords: Smart textiles, nanotechnology, helmets, high-tech military uniform, smart garments, mbotic suits, intelligent textile system, high-tech textiles, military shelter, heated-clothes, modular integrated communication helmet


The textile-based materials, equipped with nanotechnology and electronics, have a major
role in the development of high-tech milltary uniforms and materials. Active intelligent textile
systems, integrated to electronics, have the capacity of improving the combat soldiers performance
by sensing, adopting themselves and responding to a situational combat need allowing the
combat soldiers to continue their mission. Meantime, smart technologies aim to help soldiers
do everyth~ngth ey need to do with a less number of equipment and a lighter load. In this study,
recent developments on smart garments, especially designed for military usage owing to their
electronic functions, and intelligent textlle-based materials that can be used in battlefield, are
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Sahin, O., Kayacan, O., & Bulgun, E. (2005). Smart Textiles for Soldier of the Future. Defence Science Journal, 55(2), 195-205.
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