Technology Transfer and Technology Management in Strategic Systems

  • Prashant Salwan Indian Institute of Management, Indore
Keywords: Transfer of technology, knowledge-based economy, technology management, national security, technology-transfer agent, product-development, technology-transfer strategy, manufacturing plan


In a knowledge-based economy, the issues of technology transfer and management of technology, especially in sensitive strategic industries, are of major concern. The transfer of technology is a complex multidisciplinary area of technology management involving technology transfers from overseas developing agencies and internal technology transfers. Technology is
a combination of four basic com~onents-facilities, abilities, facts, and frameworks. Economics of scale and complexities in technologies, especially in major weapon systems, would increasingly render the concepts of self sufficiency and evenself-reliance impossible ideals to achieve, even by the developed countries. In such a scenario, transfer of technology will continue to be used as a powerful tool of global geopolitical power projection by the developed countries as an extension of their foreign policies. For nations like India, there is no option but to invest in the indigenous RCD and SCT base in sensitivelstrategic industries. Experience in transfer of technology with those of space, defence research, atomic energy, scientific and industrial research must be pooled into knowledge bank to achieve synergy.
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